Ford concept car set to steal show at UK motor festival


One of Ford's newest concept cars makes its first UK appearance at an upcoming motor festival and already many sources are claiming that it will be one of the main draws to the show.

The Coventry Car Day will be taking place on Saturday June 9th and has been organised by the City's university, who will also be hosting the event in its university square. Amongst the many vehicles, from across the country, will be a very special car; enjoying its first showing within the UK, the new Ford Evos Concept.

The stylish couple may not be one of the current Ford cars for sale but it has already attracted huge attention across the world since it's unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Sporting a 2.0 litre ‘Atkinson cycle' engine, assisted by an electric motor, the vehicle will be sure to warrant plenty of attention on the day.

Alongside the concept vehicle will be over 70 classic and modern cars on show, with organisers commenting that it will be the largest and most varied collection of cars within the city for half a century.

So whether you are heading to the show to catch the one car you won't find at your closest Ford car dealers, or a day of classic car admiration, you are sure to have a great experience. 

Image credit:  mariordo59