Ford celebrates 20 years of the Mondeo

The Ford Motor Company is celebrating a very special anniversary, with this week marking 20 years since the first sale of a Ford Mondeo.

Following a design process which cost an estimated $6 billion, the Mondeo was unveiled to the world at a glamorous ceremony at the Hôtel Byblos in St Tropez back in 1992, with the first sales of the model in the UK being completed a year later. With such dedication being applied to the project, it meant that every aspect of the vehicle was taken to the highest level.

With the name deriving from the latin word mundus, which translates to 'world', it was only a matter of time before the Ford Mondeo quickly gained widespread popularity all over the planet; it replaced the floundering Ford Sierra in Europe and took the aliases of the Contour and Mystique to overshadow the Ford Tempo and Mercury Topaz in North America.

The Mondeo was an instant success in the UK, selling 124,144 models in its first full year of production. Having a Mondeo parked outside your home became regarded as an inclination of the owner's aspiration of class, so much so that Tony Blair touched on it during a campaign speech back in 1996. The former Prime Minister's helped the incredible sales of the model further by purchasing a Mk 11 Mondeo in 1997.

After four reincarnations, the Mondeo is today recognised as one of the flagship models of the company's fleet and has picked up a cabinet full of awards in its history. Its acclamation within the market is clearly documented, with the most recent model winning both the What Car? Best Family Car and the What Car? Best Estate in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

From the Poole Ford dealership in the South West to the countless sales sites in the North, the Mondeo is continuing to sell extremely well and fares positively against other rivals in the mid-size family car market.

If you are looking to purchase a new car for your growing family, why not visit an Ford dealership today and discover the secrets behind the Mondeo's two decades of success?

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