Ford celebrate wins with an EcoBoost engine cake


To celebrate the achievement of Ford's latest engine design, the EcoBoost, winning one of the more prestigious awards in its category, the International engine of the year, the car giants have commissioned a very special cake.

The cake that Ford UK have had made is a life-size model of the EcoBoost engine itself and one of the most renowned and skilled cake makers in the UK was gifted with the project, Michelle Wibowo.  Michelle has made cakes and baked speciality food related sculptures in the past for many large organisations and celebrities, with the engine cake being the latest.

Taking over 40 hours to create, the EcoBoost 1.0 litre engine cake was created with a huge amount of precision and followed an exact CAD design.

The cake is made of differing levels of sponge and sugar icing, making it just as tasty as the judges are finding the engine itself.

It is certainly no fluke that the engine has won so many accolades since its release recently, the EcoBoost equipped Ford Focus, that you can now find at Ford car dealers, has been accounting for 17% of sales within Europe since April.

Image credit: Ford UK