Ford Cars: Winners at holding value

As we all know, as soon as we purchase a new vehicle, it immediately loses value from the moment it leaves the dealer's forecourt. Some cars keep their value a lot better than others though, meaning some vehicles are much better to buy as an investment.

The Financial website of the year, This Is Money, has released their own list of ten cars that have held their value during 2011; this in turn means they are also great buys during 2012 too.

Out of the list of ten vehicles, three of them are made by the Ford Motor Company, the Ford Focus, Ford Ka, and Ford Fiesta; this is certainly testimony to the value of Ford cars for sale.

The Ford Focus was voted the second best car for keeping its value. Last year, the Focus was also the second biggest selling vehicle in the UK.  Those who purchased the Focus at Ford car dealers across the country have, after one year, only lost 6 percent of their original value.

The Ford Ka saw a drop of only 13% on its original value, and the Ford Fiesta just slightly higher at 15%.


Image credit: mick / Lumix (flickr)