Ford cars still expanding throughout the world


The Ford Motor Company is still expanding across the world with more and more factories and Ford car dealerships on the increase.

Just last week Ford announced that they were pressing ahead with a planned $1 billion factory in India, the plant is expected to produce and manufacture 240,000 Ford cars for sale and 270,000 engines each year for both export and domestic sales.

Within the next 2 months, another large investment, this time in Thailand is due to officially open; a $450 million manufacturing and production facility based in Rayong. This facility is expected to annually produce over 150,000 vehicles, including the Ford Focus.

As you can see Ford are continually improving and expanding their network across the world, making them one of the largest and most trusted motoring manufacturers. Dealerships such as Ford Newbury can show you how much you get for your money when you invest in a Ford vehicle.

Image credit: The Car Spy