Ford cars recognised for their top Dependability

A recent study in America by one of the largest marketing firms, JD Powers, has demonstrated the dependability of Ford cars for sale, including the Ford Fusion, Ranger and Explorer.

The vehicle durability study showed that Ford had a total of six vehicles ranked within the top three of the study's categories, giving a clear sign of the motor company's continuing quest for long term quality and value within its cars.

The study was carried out by collecting information from drivers of three-year-old vehicles, regarding any problems or faults they may have encountered over the past 12 months, giving a non-biased and accurate account of vehicles you could already easily find at your local Ford car dealership.

Commenting upon the accolade, Bennie Fowler, Ford Groups Vice President of Global Quality, said "The vehicles we are building today are more reliable than ever. Ford has made significant strides over the past few years to achieve world-class levels of long-term quality and desirability."