Ford cars named as cheapest to repair in study

The results of a new study by the comparison website will make for happy reading by anyone who has purchased their vehicle from a Ford car dealership, after the Michigan manufacturer's models were named as cheaper than any other to repair following an accident.

The extensive report found that the Fiesta, Focus and all other famous lines which fall under the iconic Ford brand cost, on average, only £223.92 to return to mint condition after even serious damage is inflicted. This works out at £20 cheaper than their next least expensive rival, and is in stark contrast to the £13,000 bill recently incurred by one unfortunate owner of another vehicle.

This welcome announcement comes just a short while after Ford were awarded the mantle of the UK's best selling car manufacturer of 2012, which no doubt was largely gained as a result of the group's reputation for producing cars that are affordable both to buy and to maintain.

According to those who conducted the survey, Ford's enduring popularity can be attributed to a number of other factors too, including the mainstream nature of the brand meaning that the vital help provided by skilled technicians and spare parts is readily on hand.

The findings of this report are further confirmation of the fact that choosing one of the models currently available from either new or used Ford car dealers is always a wise decision, particularly from a financial perspective, with the company also ranking highly on a reliability survey which was carried out by MoneySupermarket alongside their repair cost study.

The reliability survey was especially illuminating, as Ford's inclusion in it represented the only non-Asian presence in this prestigious list of the world's top eight most reliable vehicle producers. The results of the survey were arrived at through the thorough analysis of around 50,000 driver insurance policies.

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