Ford Cars Engine Testing Innovation

The Ford Motor company recently released information about their latest engine style that was developed for use in many of their new car releases in 2012, the tiny 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine. The mini engines will not only lower Ford vehicles CO2 emissions once they are in use on the road, but also mean less environmental impact whilst being tested thanks to Ford's  innovative new manufacturing technology.

In place of normal testing, the new Ecoboost engines will be ‘cold tested', meaning each engine can be checked and put through its paces without even being turned on! Ford are planning on manufacturing over 700,000 engines each year, and the common way of testing each engine with even the smallest amount of petrol would normally mean the use of over 3,500,00 litres per year of fuel.

This lowering of emission levels, matched by the company's reliance on renewable energy, is another reason why Ford's new cars for sale are so highly regarded; your Ford Dealership really can offer you a great choice of cars with the environment in mind.



Image Credit: Jiazi (Flickr)