Ford cars can now see round corners

Blind junctions have been a dangerous and nerve-wracking hazard for years but the motoring mogul that is Ford Motor Company has looked to revolutionise the way we drive once again by coming up with a solution to this hazardous problem.

Ford’s Front Split View Camera, which is installed on the front grille, offers drivers a 180-degree view of traffic. The tiny 1-megapixel camera is available as an option on the S-MAX and Galaxy models at new Ford car dealers in Hampshire and around the country.

“People will soon wonder how they managed without”

Speaking in the below video and in this article, Ford engineer Ronny Hause described the system as “one of those technologies that people will soon wonder how they managed without.” Helping people to navigate blind junctions, an overhanging tree and even pulling out of their own driveway, the technology is set to revolutionise daily driving and aims to dramatically reduce the number of traffic accidents.

The UK Department of Transport released findings in 2013 that found vision affected by external factors contributed to 11 per cent of all road accidents. It is hoped that, with this technology, drivers will be able to track road users that approach on either side of the vehicle and then be able to let them pass safely in front. The technology is hoped to benefit all road users including other motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists, pedestrians crossing a junction and the driver themselves.

The camera even comes with its own cleaning system so that the lens stays clear at all times.

While the Front Split View Camera is only available as an added extra on those two models as yet, it is due to be offered on the Ford Edge upscale SUV available in the UK later this year. Pop in to your local Ford dealer in Somerset to find out more.

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