Ford carried out ‘Undercover Operation’ for new car research


The Ford Motor Company has been busy explaining just how it managed to design, the soon to be released Ford car for sale, the B-Max; with them commenting that secretly filmed undercover operations took place on the public.

Ford have revealed how their engineers observed the public loading and unloading their vehicles at a busy garden centre, in a bid to learn more about the challenges that face drivers of small cars. Ford of Europe's Steve Fleming commented that becoming an undercover agent for a day: was an excellent change of pace compared to his normal day to day life at a Ford engineering laboratory.

It was by observing owners struggle with equipment that Ford engineers created the pioneering and breakthrough door system, which you will soon be able to see in action at your nearest Ford car dealership once the vehicle is released later in the year.

Once the door system was developed it was test upon the general public, who immediately gave the thumbs up!