Ford car back in the limelight


Another of Ford's iconic vehicles will be finding itself pride of place on the television screen soon, as the 2013 Ford Mustang re-enacts the classic car chase through San Francisco in homage to the Steve McQueen movie, Bullitt.

The car chase will be featured in the finale episode of one of the most highly anticipated TV series in the states, Alcatraz. The show is the latest offering from the man behind some of the biggest hits on television in recent years, including Lost, Fringe and feature films such as Super 8 and the Star Trek remake.

The Ford car chase scene isn't the only coverage that Ford cars for sale will be getting in the near future, as the remake of ‘The Sweeney' will be thrilling audiences once it's released with an epic car chase involving a Focus ST.

Even though the Mustang is not available in the UK, you can find the Ford fiesta at your nearest Ford car dealers.

Image credit: IFCAR