Ford calls on software firms to make car-friendly apps

A top representative from The Ford Motor Company has called for a concerted effort to make smartphone apps which work seamlessly with vehicles - a move which will ultimately lead to further enhanced driving experiences in the future.

Renowned for offering the height of technology in their new and used Ford vehicles for drivers to benefit from, the manufacturer's aim is to make connecting with others and controlling features of the cockpit as easy and as safe as possible. 

This latest news comes after Ford's Executive Vice President Jim Farley was speaking at the Los Angeles Motor Show, suggesting that software firms, such as Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. ultimately have the most integral influence on driving the future of in-car technology. While the motoring giant has made no secrets about pushing technology such as voice-activated commands, navigation software and a host of other entertainment features, the success of these is reliant on software firms creating applications which make these experiences as seamless as possible.

He added that, while there is currently a sizeable gap between the customers' experience on their phone compared to how well it functions in the car, Ford is committed to bridging this gulf and is determined to become a market leader in the field. 

One of the most exciting technologies to be created by Ford is the SYNC system with MyFord Touch, offering advanced in-car, voice-activated technology where either the steering wheel, a touch screen centre console or voice commands can be used to turn on or alter a variety of the vehicle's functions; this software is available on a host of new Ford cars and is likely to be offered when the recently unveiled  new Ford Ka comes to our shores in the coming years. 

Should the companies take these calls on board and further develop their own technologies, it will lead to great benefits for drivers of new Ford vehicles in the future.

Image Credit: Ford Dealer Marketing