Ford C-Max Hybrid expected to reach 95 MPG

A lot of excitement has been building around the arrival of the latest Ford C-Max, after the manufacturer released details showing the latest offering would be a hybrid model.

Tipped to be a potential contender for the Toyota Prius, the C-Max Energi was originally seen in its basic form at the Detroit Motor Show back in 2011. Some of the figures are simply astounding for the spacious five seater vehicle, offering a range of 550 miles and an incredible consumption of 95 MPG from the combination of a petrol engine and a battery-driven electric motor.

Ford are expecting to be able to offer the vehicle to the public in the USA as early as autumn, with the basic model expected to start from $30,000 (around £19,000). It makes it both an environmentally and financially sound investment, one which is sure to get drivers excited when it arrives on our shores in 2013.

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Image credit: Mariordo59