Ford boss calls for more support for car retailers


Mark Ovenden, the UK Ford Manager, has just publicly stated that he believes that boosting the car retail and manufacture sector should be top priority for British and European governments. He has said that the stimulating higher car sales and making certain changes will allow the struggling market to recover.

 As car retail is one of the leading contributors to the UK economy, Ovenden believes that the government should be doing more to support it and allow car manufacturers and dealers better profit margins. Highlighting the VAT contributions and the thousands of jobs that car retail brings to the UK, Ford's UK manager explained more about how investment would benefit the car retail industry. However, he mentioned that bad exchange rates don't help the exportation of cars produced in the UK and that as much should be done as possible to aid the retail of cars; both in the UK and on the export market.

Ovenden mentioned that many including him worry that if the UK doesn't make itself an attractive location for car production, then manufacturers will move elsewhere and this would have a catastrophic impact on the UK Economy, something that should be avoided at all costs.

With reasonable prices for both New Ford Cars and Used Ford Cars, Ford are still able to offer value for money on cars, whether aided by the government or not.

Image credit: fpra (flickr)