Ford Bases New SUV Production in India

Ford is looking to take advantage of its increasing popularity in India, as well as the country's expanding economy, after having pledged to base production of a new sport-utility vehicle at its factory near Chennai. This new product - which is expected to be named EcoSport - will be the second to have been launched in India and demonstrates Ford's growing confidence and ambition in the South Asian region.

As well as its existing plant in the southern Tamil Nadu state, the company has also said it will invest $750 million towards a new site in the western city of Sanand. On top of this, the Chennai factory plans to increase its capacity of annual diesel engine production from 250,000 to 330,000 by the middle of this year.

Ford is keen to make the most of the expectation that India will become the world's third largest vehicle-producing economy by the end of the decade, and this new announcement will go some way towards achieving their aim of having Ford car dealers stock more products from the Subcontinent.