Ford bag another first with digital paper brochures

Ford are known throughout the automotive world for breaking the mould and championing innovative new technology when it comes to both producing and driving their vehicles, and their most recent world first will allow buyers to fully connect with their new car before they have even seen it in the flesh.

For the first time ever, Ford will be producing paper brochures in the near future which will also include exclusive digital watermarks, giving drivers the chance to unlock interactive content simply by scanning the page with their smartphone. So far, the technology has only been confirmed for the upcoming and long awaited Mustang model but, if successful, there is little doubt that it will shortly be available for other popular lines such as the Ford Focus Titanium.

According to the design agency which had a pivotal role in coming up with how the project looks and works, Latcha+Associates, the decision was taken to press ahead with the idea because market research reveals that new car buyers are also generally very tech savvy and regularly use smartphones.

The group's owner and founder, David Latcha, also said that initial feedback from the public has been 'extremely encouraging', after their researchers 'used the brochures to engage the customer on the spot with well targeted and fully integrated content'.

The unveiling of this groundbreaking marketing programme revealed that these new brochures will allow readers to access interior and exterior details and racing videos whenever they want, as well as a unique tool for virtually 'customising' the Mustang to the user's personal preference.

Whether you are interested in getting your hands on a brand new Ford model, which in itself will likely be fitted with a staggering range of in-car technology such as the multimedia system Ford SYNC, or something more affordable like a used Ford Focus, there's no doubt that everyone who is in the market for a vehicle will be impressed by the manufacturer's new way of showcasing its finest products.

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