Ford B-MAX earns five star safety rating from NCAP


The soon to be released all-new Ford B-MAX has just received the first of many accolades, as it has been awarded the highest possible safety rating by NCAP, the largest and most respected authority on crash testing in Europe.

The B-MAX has become one of the most highly anticipated Ford cars for sale during 2012, and the new safety rating is sure to make it even more in demand when it gets released in the very near future in the UK.

The multi activity vehicle from Ford secured itself an overall protection score of 83% from the safety authority, with adult safety and protection scoring 93% and child protection 84%.

When the B-Max becomes available at Ford car dealers across Europe, drivers will get the chance to own one of the safest vehicles in the world, with Ford themselves testing the car in over 5000 simulated crashes. To test its safety the vehicle was even mounted on a sled and fired into a barrier!