Ford awarded Genius Safety Prize


The Ford Motor Company has just been awarded the Genius Safety Prize by the worlds leading consulting and research institute for damage analysis and loss prevention, Allianz.

The award is extremely important within the motoring industry, with Allianz rewarding motor manufacturers that have developed and designed outstanding technological advances within the motoring community. Ford have been highly commended for their safety innovations over the years, with many great options available as standard on Ford cars for sale.

Karsten Crede, the CEO of the Allianz Global, presented the award last week at the Auto Mobil International Trade Fair in Leipzig and spoke very highly of Ford saying:

"After seat belts, driver assistance systems are the most important lifesavers. This year's winner of the Allianz Genius Safety Prize has made the new driver safety systems available to a wide section of buyers by offering various feature bundles for the Ford Focus - the first time such packages have been offered in the compact car category. This will promote the increased use of these systems and will improve the safety of our roads."

With all of the merits that the blue oval have been picking up its no wonder that people searching for a new vehicle head straight to Ford car dealers.

Image credit: Tabercil