Ford apply for patent for self-driving lounge vehicle

Ford has applied to patent the idea for a self-driving lounging vehicle, something that could revolutionise the way in which we use new Ford cars and vans in the future.

As part of the interesting new plans by the motoring giant, the patent is for an Autonomous Vehicle with Reconfigurable Seats, which Ford has stated will offer front seats that can be moved to transform the cabin into a more comfortable lounge.

Although the idea is still very much in the early stages of development, it could revolutionise the way we drive in the future.

Drivers will be able to take their eyes completely off the road

While those visiting new Ford van dealerships near to Yeovil and other regions will be aware that larger vehicles in the Ford fleet already offer seats that swivel so that all passengers are facing each other, the current necessity of human intervention means that drivers are always left out of the conversation. However, with the increasing development of autonomous vehicles, it means that drivers will be able to turn their attention completely away from the road without having to compromise the safety of those on board.

Should the patent be developed fully, it could provide a means for parents to be completely attentive to their children, or perhaps a way to conduct business in a face-to-face manner.

It’s just one of the most recent developments from the Ford Motor Company, all of which look to improve and enhance the experience of Ford cars and vans in the future. If the patent for a self-driving lounge vehicle is put into production, customers could experience it when visiting their local Ford van dealer within Poole in just a matter of years.

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