Ford anticipate the demand for 3 cylinder cars


With an increasing number of governments introducing fuel economy requirements, more and more car makers are turning their attention towards creating three cylinder engines and making them more acceptable to drivers.

In the past, vehicles that had three cylinder engines installed had a reputation for being quiet running and, in some cases, extremely unsafe in crashes, fuel economy had a low priority and wasn't much of a consideration. Motoring manufacturers then saw that the answer was to give a mix of power, performance, safety and comfort, which is exactly what Ford designed.

Ford's 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine is just what the company set out to deliver to its customers, great performance and a great deal of efficiency, which is why it has received so many accolades since its introduction earlier in the year.

Ford have even taken their EcoBoost equipped Focus models to the racing circuit to break some world speed records for the engine size. Currently the Focus's are the only Ford cars for sale with the EcoBoost engine, but many believe that others will be joining it in the near future.

Image credit: M 93