Ford Announces New Jobs at Dagenham Diesel Engine Plant

Industry experts are wondering whether the recent innovations in commercial engine diesel engine efficiency haven’t made electric vans economically unattractive, and as if to answer that question Ford has announced that it will be creating 250 new jobs at the Dagenham diesel engine plant.

The new production line will start its operations around year’s end, and will be building low-CO2, 2.0 litre engines, with production expected to reach 350,000 per year. The project represents a sizeable investment, and includes support from the government’s Regional Growth Fund.

Employees will be hired on 23-month fixed term contracts starting right around the Christmas season, and it is expected that more will be brought in early next year. According to Mark Ovenden, Ford of Britain chairman and managing director, “This recruitment programme underlines Ford’s commitment to the UK and signals the final step towards the production of an all-new, state-of-the-art low carbon diesel engine that has been designed, developed and manufactured by Ford in the UK.”

The new plant hiring and the diesel engine program are all part of an overall investment by Ford in low-carbon and environmentally friendly engine and vehicle technology. Because of recent advances in diesel engine technology, fuel-savings that had previously only been seen in passenger cars are now available in commercial vehicles as well, particularly as drivers become more aware of fuel consumption and adjustments that they can make to their driving habits to increase efficiencies.