Imagine if in the future your Ford Transit van could check blind spots, scan the road in front and behind of you and predict potential collisions? Well The Ford Motor Company is busy working upon this idea, for use in its new Ford vans and cars in the not too distant future.
Ford has just announced that testing will begin under realistic settings during autumn; the testing will last over a year and will be used to test wireless communications that one day could allow vehicles to communicate with each other.
The scale of the testing procedure is huge, with over 3,000 vehicles participating on over 70 miles of varying road surfaces. The vehicles will use Wi-Fi to connect with each other, but of course must all speak the same language, meaning Ford will need to work closely with other motor manufacturers and governments across the world. It is certainly a grand undertaking by the Blue oval.
So who knows? In the not too near future we could be driving much safer vehicles, drastically reducing road accidents.