Ford and university to create electric car battery lab

The Ford Motor Company is renowned for its high quality craftsmanship, great attention to detail and bringing the latest innovations and technologies into their vehicles to provide the finest experience for their customers.

It is this dedication to new technology which is the subject of some fantastic news for the company, which has confirmed it will be partnering the University of Michigan to improve electric car batteries. With stockpiles of conventional fuels believed to be diminishing, the idea of the electric car has quickly taken off across the world; millions of drivers are already experiencing the financial savings they bring, while also doing their bit to cut their carbon footprint.

Thanks to a funding donation of $8 million dollars, split between the university's engineering department, Ford and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the facility will open in autumn 2014 and offer companies the chance to test different battery compounds for a fee.

Ford has been quick to travel down the electric avenue, with the Ford Focus Electric a fine example of their striving to offer eco-friendly vehicles to their customers. They have also been praised for the innovation of the ECOboost engine.

Currently available in most models of the new Ford Fiesta for sale, the ECOboost offers a unique combination of higher performance and increased fuel efficiency to drivers. Other great examples of their innovation are the Fusion Energi and C-Max Energi plug in-hybrids, which combine the environmental benefits of an electric engine with the performance of a conventional engine for longer distances.

This deal will allow Ford and other companies to prototype and test hundreds of different cell chemistries and pre-production cells, allowing Ford to outline the best combinations so that future customers can benefit from even greater performance from their electric vehicles.

A decision which has been highly recommended by experts in the automotive industry, it is a clear signal of intent by the company to enhance the performance of the electric cars they craft in the future, bringing further benefits to those who visit Ford local dealerships as a result.

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