Ford and Microsoft to hold presentation on electric technology


The Ford Motor Company have been working with Microsoft for many years, with the two producing some of the most advanced and innovative technology within the motoring industry. One of the most important, landmark even, projects is the design and development of technologies within the ever growing renewable and electric/hybrid market, in particular within the Ford Focus Electric.

The two companies will be highlighting the advances they have made at a joint presentation at the ‘Future in Review' conference that is currently in full swing in California. The vehicle will be hitting Ford car dealers across America soon and is packed with Microsoft technology inside, including the popular SYNC system that is becoming more and more popular in Ford cars for sale.

The focus of the talks will be on these green technologies, covering the Ford Focus Electric and how the engine it is equipped with outweighs other hybrid/electric vehicles; including the charging technology that allows the vehicle to charge quicker and more efficiency.

Image credit: Mariordo - Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz