Ford and its new safer and economical manufacturing processes


Ford has once again been showing off just how their production techniques are light years ahead of most other motor manufacturers. The Blue Oval have released details about the next generation Ford Escape's production process which includes 700 robots, making sure that each of Ford's flagship SUV models leaving the production line leaves with the utmost perfection in both fit and finish.

The assembly line, at Ford's Louisville plant, is one of their most advanced facilities, with the company's robots using laser-guided and camera enabled technologies to assist and fix any slight deviations in body panels on the new Escape model. Ford have, in the past, commented upon their aim to eliminate all wind noise on its new Ford cars for sale and the new technology is certainly a step towards their goal.

The use of robots within the plant's paintshop has not only improved upon its vehicles finish, but has also meant that the process can now be carried out by using reducing energy and in turn emissions.

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Image credit: jurvetson