Ford Allow Slacker Radio on their Vehicles

Ford's Sync AppLink is one of the company's big new selling points on its new models, and they're constantly staying one step ahead of the competitors by adding new features to the system. The latest announcement is compatibility with the ‘Slacker Radio' app, which allows users to load up Slacker Radio in their car and use it through their car's speaker system.

Slacker Radio allows users to customise their own listening experience, selecting favourite artists and songs, setting the service up to play similar music, banning certain artists or songs and, through all of this, creating a personalised radio station that maintains a dynamic playlist whilst not being as predictable as an MP3 player would and still allowing you to hear new music.

Ford Sync AppLink will also allow users to control the app with voice commands, eliminating the need to fiddle with dials whilst driving. If you're interested in the technology, more information is available from your local Ford Dealerships.

Image Credit: Ross Murray (Flickr)