Foray's new sponsorship | Ben Moore

We’re very proud to announce that, this month, we came to an agreement with Ben Moore – a local professional Mountain Biker – for a sponsorship. Ben is now driving a Ford Ranger Wildtrak which he picked up from Dave at our Transit Centre/Ford Store in Poole – English Ford. The ‘Pride Orange’ truck fits very well with Ben’s sponsorship with Orange Bikes and the truck will be featured in a number of exciting videos throughout the duration of 2017 and maybe further! Keep up-to-date with our YouTube channel to see Ben’s videos. Ben has kicked off with a short-sharp core workout in the garden which features the Ranger being used to carry some strange cargo…

Ben is due to produce a video at our FordStore in Poole, where he will be performing stunts on his bike throughout various parts of our dealership. Keep an eye out for this soon.

Later this year, Ben is due to attempt to set a new world record! 

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Watch Ben's garden workout video here.


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Ben has an outstanding following of over 27k people on his Facebook page, and if you go check it out, you'll see why! Ben regularly uploads content varying from videos of his recent competitions to images of his normal day to day life.

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