Folding E-Bikes mark future for Ford

Ford has unveiled two folding electric bicycles which can be attached to a van, an advance which could make life easier for workers within the commercial sector.

Called the MoDe: Pro, the e-bike is designed for couriers who would normally take their new Ford van into a congested area. There is also another e-bike, called the MoDe: Me which is designed for commuting cyclists. Both the bikes were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, which was held earlier this month in Barcelona.

The bikes are both completely foldable and can be attached to a charging unit in the back of a specially-designed van from Ford. It’s for this reason why it’s being labelled as the ‘white van of the future’. While workers who rely on commercial vans are often forced to drive their vehicles into densely populated areas, this new solution from Ford means that they are able to park their vehicle in a safe and quiet place and then do their job using the far more nimble solution of the e-bike.

Bikes vibrate to tell you which way to go

Both of the bikes available will be linked to a smartphone app that provides step-by-step navigation, meaning the user will never have to worry about getting lost. This navigation system is geared up especially for the bikes, with some of the new features being pointers from the handlebars; depending on the direction you need to go, the handlebar on that side will vibrate. It is powered by a linked smartphone, which is attached just below the handlebars on the bicycle frame.

While it’s not likely that these bicycles will be available from van dealers based in Andover, Salisbury and other areas operated by Foray in the near future, it is already being labelled as a heralded piece of design and one which is sure to improve the lives of couriers up and down the country.

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