Fleet Owners Driving Demand for CCTV in Vehicles

As the number of crash-for-cash schemes taking place across the United Kingdom grows, vehicle owners are doing everything that they can to protect themselves from this expensive form of fraud. One of the top tools in fighting this crime is the installation of CCTV onto the front and back grills of vehicles, and owners of commercial fleets are topping the list of those looking to buy these sophisticated systems.

Crash-for-cash involves drivers purposely speeding up and getting ahead of a vehicle and then slamming on the brakes, forcing the car behind to ram into the back of them. Because the general assumption is that the vehicle behind is usually at fault, the scammers are able to claim that they are not at fault and collect large sums in insurance money. Company vans and commercial vehicles are particularly attractive target for these schemes, as the assumption is that they have deep pockets and large amounts of insurance coverage.

These schemes account for almost £400 million per year in costs to the industry; by contrast, the cost of installing cameras that can prove the fraud has taken place is well worth the expense, particularly because despite the growth of the scam, hit-from-behind cases remain a matter of one driver’s word without the other. Installation of the new technology effectively eliminates that problem and puts the innocent driver and his insurance company in a position where they are able to prove the fraud.

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