Fleet Managers Get New Fuel Data Tool


Ctrack, a specialist in fleet management and vehicle tracking intelligent solutions, has just introduced a new tool that will provide fleet operators with real time as well as historical data on their van fleet’s fuel consumption, carbon emissions and more. The tool, called the Fuel Reader, will plug in to the OBD II port, where it will be able to access information directly from the engine’s computer and then transmit it via Bluetooth to a tracking unit.

According to John Wisdom, managing director of Ctract, “With fuel typically accounting for more than a quarter of all fleet operating costs, it is essential that car and light commercial vehicle operators have complete understanding of consumption along with associated carbon emissions. Fuel Reader works alongside our existing tracking solutions to provide an integrated approach that delivers the necessary intelligence to help drive down overheads and operate more responsibly.”

The tool is expected to allow fleet operators to gain a better understanding of the fuel consumption and identify areas of possible waste as well as potential improvement. The unit will also enable access to diagnostic messages that will aid in scheduling needed maintenance and preventing downtime from unexpected breakdowns.