Fleet Managers Benefit from New Management Dashboard

Fleet Hire, a vehicle management company that helps fleet managers do their jobs better and more efficiently, has introduced a new tool that will deliver even greater capabilities and information access than they have previously been able to offer to their customers. The new tool is a web-based dashboard that has been developed by Jaama, a fleet management software company. The program provides fleet managers with immediate access to all practical information regarding their fleet, including information pertaining to vehicles as well as the employees that are driving them.

The new dashboard is password protected and available through Fleet Hire’s website. By logging in, fleet managers are able to get real time information about their fleet from wherever they are, whenever they want. The program alerts them to items that require immediate attention such as a vehicle that is due for an MOT inspection or in need of maintenance. At the same time it allows the managers to send information out to individuals within their fleet network.

One of the most useful applications offered by the system is the ability to create reports that are tailored to an individual business’ analysis needs. Information on contract expirations, taxes paid per vehicle, driver behaviors and licensing information and many more items can be accessed with the push of a button and organized into a variety of reports.

The system dashboard ties in to Fleet Hire’s overall fleet management software that was provided to them by Jaama several years ago. It has enabled the company to provide its customers with increasingly intelligent solutions for managing their fleets.