Fleet Management Company Sees Electric Vehicle Tipping Point

With a tip of the hat to industry giant, Ford and other manufacturers as well, Alphabet International is predicting a continuation of the popularity and growth in demand of electric vehicles for commercial fleets.

Alphabet’s chief commercial officer, Paul Hollick, has indicated that as more and more big-name manufacturers introduce viable, practical and desirable electric vehicles onto the market, more and more fleet managers are investigating and purchasing the vans and passenger car styles, with electric vehicles having reached the achievement of being among the top sellers in some European countries.

“One of the key drivers for change has been the introduction of practical and desirable EV models from respected and trusted mainstream automotive brands. There is still a way to go in terms of charging infrastructure in the UK; however, many of the traditional barriers to EV ownership are now falling, as costs come down and manufacturers invest in battery life and range.”

The Ford Transit Connect Electric was among the leading UK electric vehicles in 2013 and has proven to be an effective and efficient way for commercial fleets to accomplish their production goals while still saving money.

As the government continues to invest in steps that encourage the use of electric vehicles and sales continue to rise, Alphabet has shown their confidence in the growth of the market by introducing AlphaElectric, their own EV fleet consultancy service.