Fleet Efficiency Improves With Use of New Technology

Telent, a technology company headquartered in Warwick and employing more than 1,500 employees, has reported that as a result of its use of a variety of technical driver improvement tools, they have reduced their fuel expenses by £216,000. Improvements have been made in the areas of speeding, sudden braking, and idling, all of which are known to waste fuel and increase costs. The tools that have been implemented have included tracking and navigation devices from TomTom, as well as a fuel consumption diagnostic device that is built into the vehicle; they were installed in the vehicles of 250 drivers. The product line is known as WORKsmart fleet management.

The program not only provides immediate feedback about fuel consumption to fleet drivers in real time, but also provides the same feedback to the company’s fleet managers through an online program called WEBFLEET so that they can analyse usage and driving performance and provide feedback and direction for improvement.

The WEBFLEET program provides reports that rank drivers on a series of different elements of their driving. These reports are customizable so that managers can focus on areas that are of the most important or most suitable to their business. The company also reports that the technology has allowed them to better allocate their jobs, making them more efficient and allowing them to provide better customer service. The quantifiable improvements in driving has also enabled the company to lower their insurance rates.

With such significant savings results and efficiency being derived from having the devices installed for just 250 drivers, Telent plans to introduce the technology into an additional 450 vehicles over the next several months.

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