Five stars for Fiesta Titanium in new review

The new Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.0 EcoBoost has picked up the maximum rating of five stars in a new review published on a widely respected technology website, with the author summing up the groundbreaking model as 'one hell of a car'.

Writing for Pocket-lint, journalist Ian Morris roundly praised every aspect of this new spin on the tried and tested favourite that has been disappearing from Ford dealer showrooms around the UK every year since 1976, from its appearance to its economy.

Describing the Fiesta Titanium as a 'pretty little car', Morris writes that it is more aesthetically pleasing than any of its rivals in the same class and, like so many other reviewers, heaped compliments upon the imposing grille which now adorns the vehicle's front. The writer also enjoyed the sophisticated LED lights that can be found around the Fiesta, as well as the deceptively generous cabin and boot space offered.

On the subject of the cabin and the various in-built features that it is made up of, Pocket-lint also sang the Fiesta's praises, but it is the pioneering EcoBoost engine that was singled out for particular comment. Making automotive headlines around the world since its initial production, the EcoBoost, in Morris's words, is capable of delivering performance that just a few years ago would have needed a 1.6 litre engine, and also does not require the payment of any road tax.

Both new and used Ford Fiestas are held in high regard by the motoring public and industry insiders alike, and its latest edition has been hailed by many as possibly the best yet. Pocket-lint almost ran out of superlatives in their review of the Titanium 1.0 EcoBoost, admiring the 'jaw-dropping' power provided by the engine, its 'fun to drive' nature, and, crucially, its affordable price. As Morris concludes in his last sentence, the new Fiesta is 'truly, the complete package'.

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