First glimpse of the Ford Focus RS 2014

The Ford Motor Company has just begun releasing information regarding one of their future releases, their third generation Ford Focus RS. The vehicle will feature a four cylinder engine and plenty of hi-tech gadgets to help it become one of the most advanced Ford cars for sale.

Don't expect to find the Focus RS at your Ford car dealership in the near future; many have commented that it could be at least 2014 before production begins.  So far, not a huge amount of information has been released by official sources, but it is thought that the engine will be a 2.3 litre Ecoboost engine, the engine is still under development and is set to be used in the next Mustang model that is released.

If you don't want to have to wait until 2014 at the earliest, you could also head to your nearest Ford dealer this summer to see their selections of Focus and Fiesta ST models.


Image credit:  lukewilson93