Fiesta ST too hot to share, says Tim

Remember Victor Kiam? He liked his razor so much he bought the company that made it.

Well, almost since he's been old enough to shave Tim Dunning has loved hot hatchbacks. So much so that rather than have the latest Ford Fiesta ST as his company demonstrator at Hine Motors in Shaftesbury, sales manager Tim bought one for himself, which he says fits well into family life for his partner and children aged eight and five.

"I've been a hot hatch fan for as long as I can remember, trying Continental and Japanese products," says Tim. "But the Fiesta ST is my third fast Ford and I reckon it's the best so far.

"Now there's a Mountune performance enhancement package I may take a look at that - my last hot hatch was the Mountune Fiesta Zetec S and I know what great kit Mountune produces. Even better, the Ford warranty remains after the product is fitted."

But why buy a car he may have been able to select as his company demo?

"The answer's simple," says Tim. "When you have a company demonstrator that's in hot demand, other people always want to borrow it. Without sounding too selfish, the ST is a car I don't want to share!"