Fiesta named as top selling UK car for April

In results that reflect a trend seen throughout the last few years, Ford UK has once again come out on top in terms of car sales for the month of April, with the Fiesta retaining its title as the country's most popular new model.

Anyone who has taken an interest in the developments of the British automotive industry recently will feel that these latest figures come as familiar reading, as the Fiesta, which has firmly established itself as a modern favourite amongst the car buying public despite first being produced back in the 1970s, has been topping monthly and yearly sales charts consistently for a long time now.

In total, 8,083 Ford Fiestas for sale were snapped up in the month of April, which contributed strongly towards the much improved overall performance of the car market. In total, sales for the month were up an amazing 14.8 per cent compared to April of last year, whilst combined transactions for 2013 so far have now topped 750,000.

The figures, newly released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), mean that the car industry should record sales upwards of two million for the year, which goes against the depressed current state of much of the economy, with high economy and low cost models such as the Fiesta leading the way.

Ford also enjoyed success with the new Focus which, with 5,994 editions sold, came in as the third best selling domestic vehicle. As the head of retail at Barclays, Richard Lowe, explained, it is no coincidence that models such as these are thriving in the present economic climate, with the 'increasing maintenance costs and the relatively high fuel bills' of older cars causing consumers to look towards the future and invest in something that will generate substantial savings in the long term.

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