Fiesta is key to family happiness

"Can I borrow the car?" - possibly the most chilling words a teenager can utter to a parent.

And when the car is the Ford Fiesta, What Car? magazine's best supermini for 2013 and styled to appeal to the image conscious, it's not surprising that kids want to borrow it and parents break into a cold sweat.

The Fiesta - consistently the UK's best selling new car and an award winning used car - has just had a striking revamp that brings the EcoBoost range of frugal petrol engines for the first time.

EcoBoost is the big news from Ford, having won awards for its innovative engineering. It has ably demonstrated in bigger Fords that a one litre engine can easily feel like a 1.6 for performance and it stands to reason that in a supermini like the Fiesta it is superb.

Its cure for the parental cold sweat is offered with MyKey, a fiendish device that lets parents have control of the top speed and even the audio volume when nowhere near the car. The new Fiesta gets the latest trapezoidal front grille treatment and looks superb as a result. Even better than the power dressing though is the EcoBoost engine, offered with 100bhp and 125 bhp turbocharged variants and also a super frugal non-turbo 80 bhp.

Naturally, lusty three cylinder engines in a smaller body give excellent fuel consumption and the 70 plus mpg combined figures for the Fiesta EcoBoost variants show their potential for cutting running costs. This will satisfy the many private buyers who are fuelling the current revival in UK new car sales and who demand petrol cars.

Fiesta is also fun as well as frugal. Parents will find their own key unlocks real sparkle to their daily drive in a car with space to offer genuine family transport.

As you might expect, the new Fiesta range has a vast number of model choices, offering three and five doors, petrol and diesel engines and manual or auto gearboxes, as well as a wide variety of trim levels.