Fashion Week becomes Fashion Fiesta

The third Salisbury Fashion Week is becoming a Fashion Fiesta thanks to local Ford dealerships Edwards Ford and Hine Motors.

Both are part of Salisbury-based Foray Motor Group, a Ford specialist with 10 outlets in the south west. Pete Butcher, sales manager at Edwards Ford, and Tim Dunning, his counterpart at Hine Motors, will be taking along two Ford Fiesta Titanium cars, the models that have most appeal for fashion-conscious car buyers.

Each will be equipped with the 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine which is doing so much to boost Ford car sales than the 2,000,000th example has just been produced, with the Ford engine plant at Bridgend in South Wales making a significant contribution.

"Fiestas fitted with the EcoBoost engine are really popular with buyers in this area," explains Pete. "Company car users find they frequently lower personal taxation benefits while everyone experiences a car that's great to drive yet has excellent fuel economy.

"Buyers are amazed at just how smooth the Fiesta is for a small car - but that's probably because it hides its big car attributes well from the outside but delivers inside.

"It's a roomy car, perfect for when friends or family hitch a ride but compact when parking or out on the open road.

"The EcoBoost engine range is now fitted to a wide selection of new Fords and buyers appreciate its combination of performance and economy. As Fords are also noted for their driving and handling dynamics, the opportunity to combine driving enjoyment with frugal fuel consumption is too good to miss."

Like all good fashions, the Fiesta has staying power, leading the UK sales charts for virtually all of the time it has been sold in the UK since the 1970s.

"Fashion often sees trend revivals, but it's true to say the Fiesta has yet to make a comeback - because it has never gone away!"