Extensive safety features of new Ford Focus praised

The latest editions of the ever popular Ford Focus Hatchback have been glowingly praised for their safety features, which a motoring journalist has likened to being more secure than a 'rock in a bank vault'.

The highly impressive sales figures which the Focus has registered since it debuted at every good local Ford car dealership in 1998 has made it one of the most loved vehicles of its kind over the last fifteen years or so, and the author of this latest review goes to great lengths in explaining how its excellent reputation for safety will improve even further once more people learn about the latest instalments of this fantastic brand.

The reviewer is quick to make note of the fact that even the basic, lowest priced Focus Hatchback, the Studio, comes with an innovative Electronic Stability Programme, which compensates for over steering by automatically applying brakes to one of the rear wheels, just for long enough to set the car back on its course; a similar feature present as standard in all of the Focus models, Torque Vectoring Control, likewise, compensates for under steering.

Despite the excellence in safety of these standard Focuses, however, the reviewer reserves his highest praise for the Driver Assistance Package which is included on all of the higher spec models. The author is blown away by the variety and effectiveness of the safety products which this package features, such as Active City Stop, another automatic braking system which dramatically reduces the chances of being involved in a collision whilst 'crawling' in heavy traffic.

A highly welcome addition to what is one of the very best mainstream Ford cars for sale, the Driver Assistance Package also has a host of other innovative features, such as a Lane Departing Warning, Lane Keeping Aid, Driver Alert and Blind Spot Monitoring, all of which no doubt contributed towards the Focus being granted the maximum five star safety rating by Euro NCAP.

Image credit: Robert Couse-Baker (flickr.com)