Essential Items to Store in Your Car

For many, a car is more than just a means of transport, it’s a tool that you use through almost every aspect of your life. From taking a trip to the shops, to heading out on a long journey for an overdue catch-up with friends or family, there will no doubt be some items that you wish you always had in the car. With this in mind, here’s our guide to all those essential items that could really make life not only better if you had them to hand, but could be important to your safety as well.

Travel flask

Travel flask

Driving can be thirsty business, and many of us like – or rather need – to start our day with a morning cup of coffee. But with the pressures of work life, we don’t always have the time to sit down at the breakfast table and enjoy it. However, by making sure you always have with you a top of the line travel flask or mug, you can get that dose of morning joe without having to be late for work.

There is a wide selection of such mugs available at places like Contigo, where their travel mugs have built in vacuum technology that keep drinks hot for up to 5 hrs.

Contigo spoke to us about what makes their products an essential car based item.

“Contigo makes 100% BPA-free spill proof travel mugs & water bottles. These reusable mugs & bottles are 100% spill proof and leak proof. The design eliminates the possibility of spilling whether you're at home or on the go”.

On long drives there is nothing like a nice hot drink to keep you going, so make sure you’ve got a flask with you along for the ride.

Wellington Boots 

Wellington boots

Because of the unpredictability of British weather, it’s always better to be extra prepared for any eventuality. It’s for this reason that having a pair of wellington boots is always worthwhile, and for a pair that you can rely on it has to be boots which bear the Hunter label.

Having manufactured wellington boots since 1856, their products are built to last and are sure to handle whatever conditions are under foot.

You never know when you might have to depart the safety of your car for more tumultuous footing, and knowing that you have a nice pair of boots tucked away tucked away in the back of your Ford car will be comforting when out on the road.

Physical road map 

Road map

A map? A real one? In 2017? Yes, indeed.

We might be using sat-navs and smart phones these days for all our navigational needs but technology is fickle, and what happens when your precious gadgets fail you when you need them the most? You’ll want to make sure you have a handy map or Road Atlas like the ones from Michelin and Stanfords to help get you back on track.

We spoke to the team over at Michelin who had this to say about their motoring atlases.

“Michelin motoring atlases are the perfect companion for an enjoyable and safe drive in Europe. Convenient and easy to use, they come in a variety of sizes from A3 to A4 to pocket sizes, paper to hard wearing laminated pages, flexi bound cover & spiral bound covers.

“Michelin motoring atlases have coverage for over 40 countries and will provide you with precise and reliable information with annually updated mapping, scaled from 1/150,000 up to 1/3,000,000 with helpful local driving regulations listed. The route planner’s as well as the time and distance charts in all the atlases will help you plan and optimise your journey. Tourist sights, leisure facilities and scenic routes will add pleasure to your journey.”

Stanfords, who supply handy and valuable items on all things travel and outdoors, told us that their customers enjoy the physical nature of their maps, and that their use even enhance the journey itself.

“Our feedback from customers is that there is a certain satisfaction about navigating your way around with a road map or atlas rather than relying on technology.  When planning a route using a map or atlas, you become more involved in the journey and you are more likely to commit it to memory. You get a wider view when looking at a route on paper and you don’t have to worry about losing connection or running out of batteries.”

When travelling to new places it’s always good to have some assistance, and the last thing you want is for your phone to die when trying to locate your destination. So make sure to pick up something a little more tangible and keep it safe inside your car. You’ll be glad you have it when the times comes to use it.

Travel Sweets

Simpkins travel sweets

One of the absolute necessities for any car journey is some sweets for everyone to enjoy. While you can choose a packet to share, the fact that they are open could means they don’t last half as long. This is why our choice has to be Simpkins Travel Sweets, the iconic tin of dusted treats which has been available in all manner of varieties since 1921.

Considered the World’s Original Travel Sweets, all varieties are made using only natural ingredients to ensure the best taste possible, and it’s for this reason they are in our list of car essentials.

One things for sure, you’ll certainly be happy you’ve got that tin in hand when the kids are crying out for sustenance on that long trip or family holiday.

Multi Tool

Multi tool

Most of our journeys are smooth, uneventful affairs. We can hope all of them remain that way but it never hurts to prepare for the worst.

Should something happen when you are out on your travels, it will be extremely helpful to have a multi-tool available should you need it. With excellent lines available at places like Leatherman, if you find yourself in a pickle, you’ll want to know that you have the ability to cut materials or fix broken objects.

And with certain tools able to be deployed with just one hand, this could be the item that makes all the difference when push comes to shove.



If you’re having to wait in your vehicle after dark, a torch is one of the top car essentials to have should anything happen to go wrong.

As with the multi-tool, you’ll likely never need the item, but things can happen, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Should you break down at night for example, having a solid and reliable torch can allow you to fix issues with your car, or to help guide you back to populated areas to get the assistance you need.

Having a torch that you know won’t let you down when you need it is vital, so heading over to experts like Torch Direct is absolutely recommended. Torch Direct spoke to us about just why they feel a torch is such an essential item for your car.

“A torch is a useful item to keep in the car as you could unexpectedly break down in the late evening and need to check under the bonnet, or you may need to change a tyre at the roadside. Whatever the situation, it’s always best to be prepared”.

Torch Direct even recommended a specific torch, just in case you find yourself without something suitable!

“There are many torches that fit the bill, but as a great all-rounder the Xtar H3 Warboy head torch is a great choice. It can be worn on the supplied headband so that your hands are free to make any car repairs, or it can be taken off the headband and used handheld to inspect the car. Various brightness settings are available to suit the situation.

“It uses a rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery, which is ideal for a torch that is to be kept in a vehicle, as these batteries do not leak unlike alkaline batteries that can leak if the torch is left unused for a long period of time i.e. when stowed in a glove box. Battery chargers that use a micro USB cable can be paired with a suitable USB car adaptor so that you can charge the battery in the car. We offer this item as bundle deal and you get a battery and a battery charger included in the price of £43.95.”

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

Continuing in this vein of safety, even when you take all the necessary precautions and have done everything right, there is nothing that can be done about the recklessness or mistakes of others. Such errors can be extremely dangerous, and cause injury to you and those around you.

Should you be unfortunate enough to find yourself in such a situation, having a first aid kit located in your glove compartment, or some such safe place, can be the difference maker when waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Even small and innocuous injuries when out on family adventures can be negated with the use of some handy medical supplies such as bandages and antiseptic cream. Nomad Travel supplies medical and first aid kits for all situations, and making sure you’ve got one of their handy bags with you is for us an essential item.

Driving Gloves

driving gloves

Driving gloves are an extremely useful item. Not only do they help maintain your car’s steering wheel, they can help provide the driver with that control and comfort required on long drives.

From that added grip on the steering wheel in hairy situations, to combatting hand fatigue and therefore preventing resulting injury, having a nice pair of gloves with you whenever you climb into your car is important indeed.

For this essential item for your car, we’ve recently put together a list of 5 reasons why you should be wearing driving gloves, which you can take a look at here.

Two such places to pick up some of the very best gloves available are Mulholland Racer and



In the worst situations, having a multi-tool and first aid kit -- while vitally important -- might not alone be enough to see you back to safety. When travelling out on far off ventures, or places that are a little more off the beaten path, you will want to make sure you have a way of alerting people to your presence.

If for some reason you are unable to access your phone to call for help, having some flares stored safely inside your vehicle could be the difference maker. Setting one off at an opportune time might just allow passers-by to find you.

This is something never likely to happen, but such items as these, small and easily storable, might be something you never thought about needing until you actually need it. Your safety is paramount so why not plan for the worst.

Such emergency items can be picked up at sites like Quicksilver TV & Film Supplies.


Image Credit: Helmuts Guigo  Simpkin  KMJ  Dvortygirl