Escort Mexico restored as part of Channel 4 programme

One of the most iconic models ever produced by the Ford Motor Company has recently been featured on TV, with the Escort Mark 1 Mexico chosen as one of the cars to feature in a Channel 4 restoration project.

Joining the likes of the Delorean DMC12, the Triumph Stag and the Mini Cooper Mk1, The Mexico became a major feature in ‘For the Love of Cars', a motoring show starring Phillip Glenister that celebrates some of Britain's best loved cars.

Alongside the Fiesta and Focus, the Escort has been one of the most successful Ford cars for sale in the company's history, with over four million models sold since it was first unveiled.

The Ford Escort was spawned through the winning mentality of the Company's race team, first developed as the ultimate contender for the 1970 London to Mexico World Cup Rally. While the initial plan was to rapidly extend the Mark 1's power by installing a Lotus twin-cam engine, Ford driver Roger Clark thought that the troublesome Lotus power source wouldn't be the best for the 16,000 mile rally; a reliable Kent 1600 engine proved the perfect replacement.

Ford Mexico brought back to former glory

With just 10,352 cars ever produced, today decent models can fetch as much £12,000. The car that the team restored had been sat in a South London garage for over two decades, and although all the original parts were still in good shape, they still had their work cut out to bring the car back to its former glory. With a new engine tuned by the Harris Family, and every blemish buffed out, this immaculate model eventually went to auction and sold for an incredible £20,000.

To check out the auction of this fantastic model, click here for a chance to watch the final episode.

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