Emission outputs fall steeply with new cars

Official figures newly released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have shown that Ford car dealership sites and other sales branches are going a long way towards helping achieve emission output reduction targets, with more environmentally friendly models reportedly enjoying a big increase in their market share over the last twelve months.

According to the SMMT's statistics, the proportion of cars on the UK's roads whose owners are not obliged to pay Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) has more or less doubled to 8.2 per cent in just a year, which has been seen as an indicator of the continuing growth in appreciation of the low carbon automotive sector and the financial benefits that come with owning one of the 'greener' cars available.

The most recent sales figures have shown that more than half of the country's manufacturers are on track to meet or exceed lower emission targets, with retailers of new and used Ford cars leading the way, particular through examples fitted with the company's groundbreaking EcoBoost engine.

The ongoing trend towards lower emissions nationwide is striking, when the numbers are put into context, with total emissions an impressive 26 per cent lower than had been the case in 2000; the last year on its own has seen an improvement of 3.6 per cent.

The SMMT reserved particular praise for the fact that manufacturers appear to be redoubling their efforts to make low carbon choices available throughout their vehicle ranges, regardless of size and type; one example of this happening which would have seemed impossible just a decade ago is the famously powerful Ford Mustang, the next edition of which is rumoured to be made available with an EcoBoost engine.

Matthew Croucher, who put the SMMT report in question together, commented that the advancement of low emission technology was now 'creating one of the most innovative periods for the global automotive industry'.

Image credit: Steevven1 (Wikimedia Commons)