Electric car charging points to increase

An official from Transport for London (TfL) has announced details of an agreement between Source London and Source East, the country's two main providers of electric vehicle charging points, which should lead to greatly increased availability for green car owners.

This news is sure to be welcomed by new and used Ford car dealers across the country, as they look to increase the proportion of hybrid cars available on their forecourts. Under the planned expansion of the scheme, every person and business in the capital and the wider South East region should be within 25 miles of a fully functioning charging point from 2014.

All of the existing and additional sites will be free at the point of service for those who are members of the Source organisation.

It is hoped that this increase in the number of points in the east will shortly lead to a larger number around the rest of the UK, as well, so that before long anyone buying such a model from a Ford car dealership will be able to charge up whenever and wherever they like.

Image credit: Hotzeplotz (flickr.com)