ECOboost sales figures show success

The Ford Motor Company certainly took a chance when they first announced that they would be equipped several of their new Ford cars for sale with a 1.0 litre engine. New vehicles such as the Focus, C-Max and B-Max have been the target of many sceptics within the industry, all of whom have been proved wrong in the process thanks to European sales figures just released.

The ECOboost engine has become extremely popular since its introduction within Europe, with the motoring giants offering two versions, with either 100 or 125hp. Not only is the engine becoming sought after within the UK, Ford car dealers across Europe have seen large sales of the ultra-efficient engine equipped Focus with Switzerland being the highest with 60% of all Ford cars for sale being equipped with ECOboost technology.

So popular, in fact, is the newly developed engine that Ford have started to plans to export it to the USA. Ford official have mentioned possible plans to provide the ECOboost unit inside the Ford Fiesta, currently coming as standard with an outdated 1.6 litre petrol engine.

Image credit: Ford