E. ON Orders Ford Transit Custom

The award winning Ford Transit Custom van has got a large vote of confidence from energy company E. ON. The company just increased their fleet, which was already largely made up of Ford vehicles, with the delivery of 118 new vans.

E. ON’s meter fitters will be using the vans in their work across the UK. The vans were chosen for a number of reasons, including their fuel economy and carrying ability.

 The Ford Transit Custom is outfitted with Auto-Start-Stop and Smart Regenerative Charging, both of which contribute to the vehicle’s amazing 46.3 mpg statistics. Add to that the bulkhead’s load-through hatch, integrated roof rack and five-star Euro NCAP ratings and it’s no wonder the vehicle has been so popular with companies looking for highly customizable and economical additions to their fleets.

E. ON’s vehicles will all be custom converted by Qi Van Systems to provide them with the additions that the company needs, including an AVI alarm system, Trakm8 telematics and a special racking system for the meter fitters’ equipment. These additions are the first that E. ON will be submitting under the new Whole Vehicle Type Approval which allows for after-market changes. The vehicles are expected to maintain their high residual value.

Ford is on target to achieve their first-year goals for the Transit Custom – the company had projected sales of 10,000 units this year, and has already sold more than 7,500.