DVLA propose changes to number plates


If you are a superstitious driver and are thinking about purchasing a new car next year, you will be pleased to know that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Association have proposed changes that could see you decide upon an alternative license plate number.

The number in question is 13, which is regarded by many as an unlucky number and will be on the number plates for those buying a newly registered car between March 1st and August 31st. The DVLA's plan is to allow buyers to use the previous 62 plate that they would receive if buying between Sep 1st 2012 and Feb 28th 2013.

Whilst the changes have been welcomed by many, many within the motoring industry have warned that this could pose a challenge when vehicles of this registration period are sold second-hand. This could mean that anyone not taking advantage of the registration plate change could find themselves undervaluing their vehicle.

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