Drivers urged to keep windscreens clean and safe

A leading UK windscreen replacement and repair company has reemphasised the importance of drivers keeping the glass in their cars both clean and fully intact, after revealing statistics which demonstrate how dangerous not doing so can be.

The advice was timed to coincide with the launching of a joint campaign between the group in question, Autoglass, and the road safety charity Brake, which officials from each party hope will create a greater awareness of the issue and therefore reduce instances of accidents caused primarily by dirty or poorly maintained windscreens.

According to the figures presented by those fronting the campaign, low visibility windscreens are responsible for roughly 40 deaths on the road every year, as well as around 600 serious injuries. Autoglass and Brake have speculated that, to a large extent, this can be put down to the fact that people driving vehicles they have purchased from sites like new or used Ford car dealers do not replace their windscreen wipers as often as they should.

According to estimates, most motorists only buy new wipers, on average, once every four years; this is despite official recommendations that this ought to be done every twelve months. To put the financial, as well as physical, risk that drivers are taking by delaying this replacement into context, statistics produced by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) suggest that up to 12 per cent of MOT test failings are due to windscreen wipers not being up to scratch, which equates to approximately 1.2 million cars.  

The vehicles available from Ford car dealership sites around the UK are renowned for their high safety and performance values, but figures like these are a demonstration of how vital keeping on top of the condition of your car, regardless of how reliable it is, continues to be.

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