Drivers take most risks between January and April

A leading performance and safety management firm has published data which suggests that the months between January and April are the riskiest for UK drivers, with more unnecessary accidents taking place during this period than in any other.

The telematics figures show that even drivers of high quality and famously safe new and used Ford cars are in danger of crashing if they do not pay sufficient attention to seasonal conditions such as dark evenings and ice on the roads. December, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, was ranked as the safest month of the year by the researchers, with statistics showing that performance generally improves from April onwards.

According to the in-depth study, the risky behaviour which people most commonly engage in behind the wheel is harsh braking, which accounted for almost half of the incidents recorded. This was followed by uneven corner handling, with 36 per cent of risks being taken in this way.

The research also revealed that instances of harsh braking were much higher in 2012 than had been the case in the previous year; those behind the study said that this rise could to some extent be attributed to the staging of major events like the Olympic Games and the Diamond Jubilee in the UK, which significantly increased traffic levels on a temporary basis. The officials, working on behalf of GreenRoad, however, were also quick to point out that risk taking has actually decreased by 28 per cent in total since 2010, representing an impressive improvement in road awareness.

Buying your next vehicle from a Ford car dealership is one of the best ways of ensuring you and your family are able to travel from place to place in confidence and at as low a level of risk as possible; the Michigan-based manufacturers have won a number of top safety awards over recent years, including from the official Euro NCAP assessment body, and enjoy a strong reputation in this field amongst the driving public around the world.

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