Don’t Panic! Dad’s Army Ford van gets refurbished

The old 1935 Ford BB van that featured in the sitcom Dad’s Army as Corporal Jones’s van is now back in service after being repaired at its Dagenham home.

Whilst replicas of the iconic van are not sold at Ford van dealers in Poole, it has been repaired by a group of Ford heritage vehicle technicians at the very same plant the van was built in more than 80 years ago.

The van featured in the original television series of Dad’s Army, which ran from 1968-1977, and first made it onto the small screen on the first colour episode of the programme on 11th September 1969.

Van features in new Dad’s Army film

The news of the van being refurbished comes as a new Dad’s Army film is released. In fact, the famous van features in the new movie.

Just like the television series, the old Ford van is owned by home guardsman and local butcher Jack Jones in the movie and is once again used as a support vehicle for the home guards Walmington-on-Sea branch.

To get the van, which is now owned by the Dad’s Army Museum, operational again it had to undergo a full engine rebuild and have new wiring and a new clutch fitted.

Speaking to the Ford Media Center about the old Ford BB truck being restored, Stuart Wright, who is from the Dad’s Army Museum, said, “This vehicle has a special place in British entertainment history, and is enjoyed by the many visitors to the Dad’s Army Museum.

“It’s fantastic to see the van operational again and we hope it will capture the imagination of the younger visitors less familiar with Dad’s Army, as well as triggering happy memories for the older generations.”

The Ford van features in the new Dad’s Army movie alongside the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sir Michael Gambon, Sir Tom Courtenay, Toby Jones and Bill Nighy. See a clip from the new movie below.

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